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During a week in which Microsoft announced a virtual TIDAL WAVE of blockbuster product releases (ya know, Vista, Office, LiveID, et al), my small team quietly launched the public Beta of a social bookmarking service for technical Microsoft professionals. Congratulations to Dave Morehouse, Taylor Parsons, and the rest of the CDS team for a job well--and quickly--done. I also extend my warm regards to our ferry hawkmother: Mary Jo Foley, whose apparent and persistent omniscience inspires me to design and deploy social software that enables every Microsoft developer and IT Pro to be as plugged in as she is, with half the effort.

"Tagspace": Exercise it. Hack it. Let us know what you think.

Important Note: for the first 1-2 releases (expect one every 6-8 weeks, in the beginning...we're agile:), you can only use "Tagspace" to tag resources on the Microsoft.com domain.

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  1. kevin says:

    Congratulations on the release. Hmmm…

    A couple comments:

    I have yet to see a usability study where "tag clouds" are easily parsed by users regardless of how novel we all think they are. Tags and labels are good concepts, I just don’t think we’ve found a usable way to render them yet.

    This would be far more useful if it was componentized and available as a widget across msft.com pages. The last thing I need is another "bookmarklet" in my browser.

    It’ll be interesting to see this thing evolve though.

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