Steve Ballmer a Bell Ringer for Christmas?

I can imagine Microsoft’s venerable CEO, Steve Ballmer, ringing bells for the Salvation Army in front of some suburban grocery store. I can picture him with a pair of white gloves, energetically ringing in a Christmas concert. But I can DEFINITELY see him ringing the the NASDAQ bell to open trading on the exchange to celebrate 20 years of MSFT…


Microsoft Enters Munincipal WiFi Market

Woohoo…..But wait! What about Redmond? From FierceWireless: “Microsoft announced that it will partner with MetroFi to build a free wireless Internet service for Portland, Oregon. Microsoft will provide targeted content to the service’s users through its new online platform adCenter–a rival platform to Google’s AdSense. adCenter allows advertisers to target users based on browsing habits…


Zune: a social plaything

You can get your Zune tomorrow, November 13,  at one of 30,000 retail outlets across North America or you can order one online.


Tracking Down the "Ping Meme"

At Seattle MindCamp 3.0, this saturday, Scott Berkun and Adam Loving will host the second annual “Good Thing Rapid Discovery Slam”, a 45 minute show-n-tell for geeks. The first slam, at MindCamp 2.0 featured the reading of an Emily Dickinson poem, the demonstration of an application that generates cacohponous techno “music” based on various graphical and user inputs, numerous…


Event: Overlake Neighborhood Planning Open House

If you live or work in Overlake and you want to help define how it gets developed over the next 20 years, I encourage you to attend this event. Meeting place is right next door to the Microsoft Company Store on 148th Ave NE.   I’ll be there ’cause this is the kinda thing us…


"Tagspace" Beta

AJAX vs. Atlas ASP.NET Atlas ATOM C# C++ CodePlex coolgadgets database Dave Morehouse FoxPro Huong Nguyen J# LINQ Marshall Lin MSO .NET .NET2.0 PERL.NET Rapport REST RESTful RSS Ruby Sharepoint socialsoftware tagging Tagspace Taylor Parsons VB.NET VFP Vista VS2005 VSTS WikiWiki  Win64  Windows Mobile  Zune Hacks ————————————— During a week in which Microsoft announced a virtual TIDAL WAVE of blockbuster product releases (ya know, Vista, Office, LiveID, et al), my small team quietly launched the public Beta of…


A Case for ‘Sentence Tags’

Have you ever been so moved by a work of art or other amazing idea, person, or thing that you sat down and spent 2 hours trying to capture its magic in words so that you could share it with the rest of the world. In Web 2.0 terms, sharing often occus via the tagging medium, aka social bookmarking, a sub-literary attention sharing…


Lightweight Blogging Using Social Bookmarking Services

A rhetorical question for those of you who share my interest in social computing: Is social bookmarking a [viable] lightweight alternative to link blogging? I maintain (and sometimes post to) three weblogs: this one, an “internal blog” that’s only visible to people inside Microsoft, and In the past, I have used my weblog as a “mindmap”;…