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UNO: This just in: CodePlex on Channel9

DOS: When we first launched CodePlex, one of our most frequently asked questions was, "How open are you planning to be with regards to projects that might compete with Microsoft products or run on different platforms?" My response was always some variation of "Wait and see. Actions speak louder than words." Well, you no longer have to wait. You can see. Here are a few early indicators: Microsoft Hosts Project to Run PHP on .Net (Addict 3D) (PHP),  Xim (AIM), SplendidCRM, La Ranisima (cross-platform), Config Rede - Network Config, BinarySeeder, ...

TRES: In the Seattle Times the day before yesterday, Merv Adrian, an analyst at Forrester, was quoted as saying, "It's a little bit more of a stretch for some people, at least today, to accept the notion of Microsoft [as opposed to IBM, he infers] as a formidable open-source player," he said.

Heck, I agree with Merv! It is a stretch. It's a stretch because it doesn't make a whole heckuva lotta sense. Some things, like 'formiddable player' and open-source or catsup and ice cream just don't seem to go together. If IBM wants to try to market catsup ice cream or peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, I wish them well. Corporatizing the open source movement just...smells funny, to me.

My take, from the trenches, is that CodePlex is Microsoft doing what it has always done: quietly supporting the needs and expressed wishes of our most important customers: developers developers developers developers, the fine folks who write the awesome applications that run on (and by extension, convince people to buy) our platform products.

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