SednaX Moving to

As announced by project admin, Craig Boyd, the mighty SednaX project will soon be making the move from gotdotnet CodeGallery to, both of which my team has developed and maintains as free, open, and inclusive project development venues and repositories for developers and aficionados of open and shared source software.

[from Craig's weblog] "SednaX will be moving to Microsoft's CodePlex soon. With over 725 members and new projects being added every month, SednaX has outgrown the GotDotNet CodeGallery. Project managers and members need more tools to facilitate online collaboration and project control (among other things). CodePlex looks to be just the place for a community initiative of this size that continues to experience rapid growth."

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  1. Well, the news is finally out. SednaX is moving to CodePlex. I’m really excited to have the community…

  2. MSDNArchive says:
  3. ZDNet’s Dana Blankenhorn the fact that Jason Matusow’s blog hasn’t been updated since May 24 (a…

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