Billy Hollis on Code Addicts (humorous)

I kicked back with Billy Hollis and John Lam for a few minutes this morning, between sessions at VSLive! Toronto. John had just completed a good talk about The Future of Programming Languages and RubyCLR wherein he passionately (and convincingly) argued for code economy: "Do the simplest thing that works."

When I joined them, Billy was excitedly telling John that, "I was surprised to learn that some developers really like to write code." Go figure.

By way of easing myself into the conversation, I mused, half-jokingly, "Do you think such people have a tendency to write extra lines of code, unnecessarily?" alluding back to John's just completed session.

Without missing a beat, Billy said, "That's exactly it. When a code addict needs a fix, they just do a few extra lines."

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