Praise from Redmond

This from my "I'm not screaming in the wilderness" file... Preface: I'm reading a Father to Daughter book that admonishes dads to teach our daughters to give *and accept* praise gracefully. Since my daughter is almost perfect in all ways, this sounds like a sound piece of advice. She will grow up in the presence of much and great praise, I suspect. Of course, she'll have to learn about things like reality but that can come later, much later. In the spirit of living what I teach (oh, I'm very imperfect), here's a rare email from a Redmond resident who tuned into last night's Planning Commission meeting on RCTV 21 or over the internet: Wow. Thank you, Redmond. I'm honored to represent your interests. Keep the feedback coming.

Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2006 10:36 PM
To: planning commission
Subject: 4-12-06 Thank you!

Dear Planning Commission:


Thank you for your efforts on behalf of the Redmond community.  We appreciate policy decisions protecting the long-term quality of life and health of Education Hill and all Redmond residents. 


Contrary to opinions often expressed by several city council / board / commission members, “the public” is both interested and committed to the greater good of the City of Redmond.


Of particular interest, are land use decisions / re-zoning and policy decisions designed to circumvent city and state regulations which prohibit single-entry access and development in protected, sensitive areas such as streams, wetlands, and eroding steep slopes. 


A very special thank you to Korby Parnell for his thoughtful and well-articulated policy concerns.   Often a minority on the Planning Commission, he nonetheless does a great job heavy lifting for numerous issues including:


-          City of Redmond websites that actually support community discussion

-          Well-considered wireless access

-          Environmental policy oversight

-          A proposed bridge over 520

-          and last but not least…Pea Patch Gardens


His presence on the Planning Committee, his suggestions, and policy clarifications are very much appreciated by an often silent majority whose ideas and values he patiently and repeatedly represents.


Best regards, and thanks again!

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