Marketing to the Beautiful People Saves Money

With little fanfare and apparently, purposefully limited exposure even inside Microsoft, appeared on the Internet a couple of weeks ago. It has only appeared in 5 blog posts on to date, this being the 6th. This qualifies it as a very lightly covered release in the pantheon of MS product launches. Indeed, it has been noted by some well-read bloggers, like my buddies Dan Fernandez and Alex Barnett. On10 team members, Robert Scoble and Jeff Sandquist also wrote posts.

I could be mistaken but I think that's the extent of their marketing campaign. Spill the beans to a few well-connected folks (I think Scoble qualifies;-) and let it roll.

Zero budget marketing campaigns are curious. I'll be interested to see if this one succeeds. As a product manager of websites like on10, I can think of a number of reasons why a team would launch a product so discretely and...surreptitiously. In this case, I speculate that the On10 team could be conducting a "private preview" on the assumption that if they attract the beautiful people, everyone else will follow. I could ask them what their strategy is but sometimes, its more fun to just speculate.

If you're a beautiful person (all of my readers are;-), I encourage you to check out this killer new website:

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