VSTS Gets Jolt Award…VSTFS about to RTM

Reporting live, from SDWest in Santa Clara, Rob Caron reports that Visual Studio 2005 Team System was just awarded the Jolt Award for Product Excellence in the Development Environment category.

The winners' list is not online yet but notably, VSTS beat out 2005 winners, Eclipse 3.0 (Eclipse Foundation) in the Dev Environment category.

Rob's post includes a rare picture of Program Manager, Doug Neumann and Kevin Kelly. Until the final stages of the Team Foundation Server development effort, Doug managed almost all aspects of project management for "Hatteras", the version control engine and repository underlying Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server, which RTMs in about 20 hours. (WooHoo!)

It's nice to see unsung heroes like Doug and Kevin getting a bit of credit for a job well done, on a prominent blog like Rob's. Congratulations to the Hatteras and Currituck teams! I'm sure you've already drunk that Jolt and, knowing you guys, you've already been back at work for 6 months and the only reason you're reading this post right now is that you're on maternity leave, or something. Am I right? Am I right?

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  1. anutthara says:

    Nice post! I am not on maternity leave though 😛

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