Visual Studio Users: Complain!

It is not my custom to volunteer to be a "Blog Repeater". In this case however, the request comes from my favorite and the best software usability engineer in the world. Shouts out to a couple of my buddies who've also been seduced into blogstitution by the Man: Brian and Rob, I feel so uuuuused. My commentary inline.

You can actively influence and shape the next version of Microsoft Visual Studio! 
You may also get to yell at VS team members and win free stuff. It's like a dunking tank. Fun and rewarding.

To improve our next release, Microsoft wants to connect everyday users of Visual Studio 2005 with our internal engineers – Engineer-to-Engineer...

...perhaps you'll be able to socialize our engineers successfully.

We’re looking for you to give us feedback on how to make the current product better.  If you use Visual Studio 2005 as part of your daily work, you are invited to participate in a one-time 1-4 hour survey...

Now that's precise...

  • If you are a Software Developer Engineer, figure .75-1.0 cHours to Survey Complete.

  • If you are a  Q/A Engineer, set aside 15 minutes for ad hoc review, 75 mins for the survey, 15 mins for smoke testing, and 5 mins for sign off.

  • Agile? A Pair Survey could take two engineers around 45 minutes to complete.

  • If you are a Usability Engineer, your survey may be followed by various examinations and will take no less than 240 minutes. 😉

...and then to join our Engineer-to-Engineer (E2E) Connection Program with opportunities to continue your participation beyond our initial survey.  Participation is totally voluntary and it’s up to you to decide your level of participation. 

Hey, it's totally voluntary and it's up to you to decide your level of participation.

Participation ranges from our one-time survey to future direct-interaction with product teams in defining our product.

"Direct interaction"? Running bear hug. Polite conversation over tea. Pile drivers strongly discouraged. 

Each time you are selected (and are able) to participate in one of our E2E Connection Program activities, you can select a gratuity of your choice from our extensive library of titles.  Gratuities include several of our software packages ranging from Visual Studio Pro through Xbox games. 

All joking aside, Visual Studio 2005 Professional for a couple of hours of hand waving about the next version of Visual Studio is a pretty rich payday.

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact Andy (  If you are a good match, we will ask you to complete our survey in March.  We appreciate your consideration regarding participation in our E2E Connection Program. 

...and with that, poor Andy will be receiving junk mail at that address for the rest of his life.

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