SharePoint Goodies on Gotdotnet

SharePoint developers unite! Recent activity around SharePoint development projects on gotdotnet User Samples, CodeGallery, and Workspaces has been explosive. Here is a small, small sampling of some of the more recent, interesting, and/or active projects. For a complete and unabridged list of all things SharePoint on gotdotnet, see SharePoint User Samples on gotdotnet, SharePoint-related Workspaces projects on gotdotnet, and SharePoint-related CodeGallery projects on gotdotnet.

  • SharePoint Query Builder Tool
    My good buddie from Down Under, Angus Logan recently blogged about this tool, which enables you to build and test queries against Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 gatering the properties of crawled documents, content indexes, and source groups. There's a related tool called SPReport over in gotdotnet Workspaces.

  • ReGhost.NET
    Enables you to reghost unwanted pages that are being served from the database without accessing the SharePoint database directly, without using Enterprise Manager, and without installing any web parts.

  • Windows Folder web part
    Allows end users to store files in a standard Windows (NTFS) folder in a shared network location and display a list of those files on a SharePoint page via a consistent ‘document library’-style interface. Graham Tyler has written an excellent overview of this wickedly cool web part. Remco provides a screenshot of the Windows Folder web part and Chris Chapman adds a bit of positive commentary.

  • SharePoint Control Cornucopia
    MVP Andrew Connell pointed me to the SharePoint Tools workspace on gotdotnet, which contains several controls including a Recycle Bin, that you might find useful. If you're an SPS hacker, this project offers a great opportunity to contribute to a Shared Source project, develop a network of trusted (and knowledgable) partners, and showcase your skills to the SharePoint community as well as to prospective employers. Joel Oleson notes that he'll probably post some SPS Reporting tools in the SharePoint Tools workspace soon.

  • SharePoint FAQs
    The SharePoint team maintains this categorized list of answers to frequently asked questions on gotdotnet.

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