Friendly URLs, CodeGallery, and Frodo

To the best of my knowledge, this is a first. I just discovered that redirects to the BlogML CodeGallery project at can see why. Before you ask it, allow me to answer your question. Yes, we are planning to provide friendly urls for CodeGallery. In fact, we already did it! The friendly, or vanity URL for the BlogML project is

Congratulations BlogMLers! You RULE and will thus rule the gotdotnet homepage, for a few days at least, in the not so distant future. [:)]

BlogML enables you to easily backup and restore your blog, migrate your blog content between hosting environments, and migrate from one blog engine to another. For example, you might want to migrate from LiveJournal to Blogger or Community Server. The project was started by one of the nicest guys in the software business, Mr. Darren Neimke (GDN alias: Frodo). Darren, who hails from the great state of Down Under, is a Microsoft MVP and consults for the famed Readify group. I was honored to meet Darren along with James Avery, Martin Grannel, and a few of the other Readify blokes at Gotdotnet CodeSlam0 in Redmond this September.

With nearly 18,000 total downloads combined, Darren Neimke's other gotdotnet contributions include (but are not limited to):

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