An Open Letter to Santa Claus RE: XBox 360

Dear Santa,
I have been a good boy this year although it's pretty hard to prove to you since you're all the way up at the North Pole, it's true. I've worked and studied hard. I've been nice, thought good thoughts, and remained optimistic. I have practiced humility, honesty, and Halo. I even let a friend borrow one of my XBox games indefinitely! You already know what my #1 request is for this Christmas. If you can get me that, I'll be the happiest (and best behaved) boy on the planet for the rest of my life. Plus, I'll never ask for another Christmas present again, not ever. If you can't deliver on that request for whatever reason, I will understand. And although it pales by comparision, I would request an XBox 360 for Christmas instead!
Sincerely and Hopefully Yours,
Korby Parnell
Redmond, WA

P.S. You can't get me an XBox 360 at the Microsoft Company Store this year. My boss says that you have to go to Best Buy or Gamestop in the middle of the night and pay him directly, just like everyone else.
P.P.S.: Even though Microsoft has shipped over 3 million XBox 360's, widespread reports suggest that stores are selling out as quickly as they get them in. Please hurry.
P.P.P.S.: They're going like hotcakes! Some XBox 360's are selling for more than $1500 on eBay. Hurry!
P.P.P.P.S.: For a stocking stuffer, I'd love to get a cool XBox 360 email address on Hotmail (currently available on eBay).


At the Gotdotnet Birthday Party last Friday, I had a chance to kick back and play a few games on the new XBox 360. Wowser! 3D Surround Sound...Wireless controls...Leather game chairs...42" Plasma screen...full XBox Live access. Later that evening, itching to return to the game room but determined to be a good host, I uncovered a gutted demo box sitting on the receptionist's abandoned desk. If it had been the real McCoy 360, the temptation to borrow it would have been great. But, I DO NOT steal (thanks for the lesson, dad). Nevertheless, I did "borrow it" for long enough to hand it to Sandy, sans ceremony, and enjoy a healthy chuckle watching his face race through a range of expressions: disbelief, wonder, excitement, elation, confusion, realization, bemusement, and finally, mock anger. Sorry dude. [:D] Hehe.


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