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Tetris.NET is my pick for Gotdotnet Science Project of the Month: a VB.NET version of the classic game that occupied way too many hours of my misspent youth. What's old is new again. I wish I had time to contribute to this most worthy cause but I'm way too busy procrastinating in other ways, such as organizing the Gotdotnet 5th Birthday Party for next Friday night in Redmond.

Notes on this great User Sample submission from longtime Gotdotnet user Xodus. Running in debug mode, I:

  • I encountered one bad exception

    • exception handling work needed

  • Suffered through the absence of keyboard controls or speed variability

    • feature enhancement opportunities

  • Experienced some serious repaint/resize issues

    • fit and finish work needed

  • Noted the need for localized error messages/notifications!

    • Whereas comments are in English (and sparse), the notification below appears to be in Dutch, Danish, or some other Northern European language. Perhaps you know...

    • Seeking bi-lingual localizers.

If you love .NET and you love Tetris, Tetris.NET is the best of all worlds.

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  1. Jay says:

    It is Dutch…

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