gotdotnet Sponsors Seattle MindCamp – Nov 5-6, 2005

As a product manager at Microsoft, it often takes an act of God, a run of good luck, and a forcing function for me to get something important done. I FINALLY choked out a 50-worder for gotdotnet: a task that I had been postponing once an hour for over 6 weeks. My forcing function: Seattle MindCamp.

"The gotdotnet team would like to sponsor MindCamp," I told Andru, the event organizer, "What do you need from me?"
He responded "Easy. I need a logo, a description of gotdotnet, and a little money."

Eighty re-writes and three days later [groan]...

"Learn by doing at Gotdotnet, a web site where technology professionals share their craft and code, find answers and inspiration, and write software together. Rediscover the value of “free” at Gotdotnet: a nugget of code, a component and its creator, a two-second solution to a headache you’ll never have, or a sample that actually compiles. Gotdotnet hosts tens of thousands of Visual Basic, C#, J#, C++, and other .NET code samples, utilities, and add-ons. Check in your code and check it out today."

If I get nothing else out of MindCamp, I got my forcing function. I truly look forward to attending Seattle MindCamp, relax my laptop weary fingers, engage my mind, reflect for the first time since BlogWalk Seattle, and chat with some of the sharpest folks in Seattle. Attendees include my friends Nancy White, Liz Lawley, Ponzi, Brady Forrest of the MSN Search team, and Shelly Farnham from Microsoft Research's Social Computing Group. I'd love to meet you too. Come on down and register.

Other MindCamp sponsors include Syndic8, Lockergnome, WhatCounts, IMDb, MSN Search, O'Reilly, and Seattle 24x7.

Comments (3)

  1. Nancy White says:

    Hey, thanks for stepping up and sponsoring! We’ll have FUN!

  2. This is when physical proximity matters…

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