Two New CodeGallery Projects

Two new CodeGallery projects worth calling out today:

Snippy is a tool "developed to ease the life of those creating C# code snippets (aka code expansions) for Visual Studio.  If you haven't heard about code snippets yet, they're a new feature we'll have in the Whidbey release.  You can read more about them in these two entries by Shaykat and Anson." [more...] Many thanks to the VSEditor team for making this awesome tool available on CodeGallery.

ShareContacts is "an application for Windows Mobile 5.0 powered PocketPC devices that can be used to share contacts as vCards with other mobile phone devices. It leverages Managed POOM API and produces a vCard compliant with RFC 2426." As a product manager on the gotdotnet team who gets to meet more great people in an average day than the President of the United States (well, maybe;-), I can’t wait to install ShareContacts on my SmartPhone.

One project at a time, the new gotdotnet CodeGallery is gaining momentum. For notifications of all new project additions, subscribe to CodeGallery by RSS.

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