Customizing Project Pages in gotdotnet’s new CodeGallery

First of a kind? Gotdotnet user Bipindra has modified the default template for his project homepage in CodeGallery. Check out his "Lets make our applications smarter" marquee in the footer.

CodeGallery is a new site on where you can find answers, events, best practices, tutorials and whitepapers, instructive samples, finished tools, and reusable code from other .NET and Windows developers and IT professionals. At CodeGallery, you can harness the concentrated power of micro-communities of practice and engage in "feedback-driven development" by posting your ideas, documentation, code, and binaries for public evaluation and feedback. For more information about how to customize the project homepage for your CodeGallery projects, see Customization. For more information about CodeGallery in general, see Getting Started with CodeGallery, Differences between gotdotnet CodeGallery and Workspaces, and gotdotnet CodeGallery has left the station.

In addition to CodeGallery, gotdotnet User Samples and Workspaces are two other excellent places to find, host, download, and write code samples, tools, and applications. Gotdotnet is a growing community of real people who prefer to learn by doing in the company of their peers than to take an expensive class or read an outdated book. Check out gotdotnet today and let me know how we can continue to make it better.

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