I am such a loser

[a public apology]

I owe you a heartfelt apology. I let you down and a public apology is the best way I can think of to convey how wretched I feel about it. Secondly, a bottle of Walla Walla's finest is the the best way I can think of to make it up to you, in the short term.

A few months ago, we bounced around some ideas about a little event that I was thinking of putting together for a few of Microsoft's developer and IT pro MVPs: gotdotnet CodeSlam You said it sounded like an event that you would like to attend and I promised to invite you, not just because you're Mr. VSTS now and Who's Who knows you but because you always have something interesting to say, you are a great friend, and you are a true gentleman. I invited other Microsoft employees like Raymond and Robert and Josh to CodeSlam but I forgot to add you to the list of invitees.

On Tuesday night, I called you en route to CodeSlam with Sam to see if you were coming. But, of course, you weren't because you never got the invitation. I promised to send you a sch+ on the phone, "as soon as I get there." I never did. I got caught up in event planning stuff the second I arrived and never sent you the email. On the phone, you asked me to invite an MVP friend of your's. For the same reason, I never did.

I know how important it is to loop you in and I failed. I considered buying you flowers and sending a note but well, you prolly woulda misunderstood that to mean something I did not intend. Anyway, flowers would've smelled up your office. I considered buying you an XBox or returning your Sopranos DVDs but I realized that I can't afford the former and I've already done the latter. I thought about giving you a call or dropping a simple email but neither would convey how wretched I feel about letting you down. 

Dude, I am so sorry. I suck. I am a loser. It won't happen again.

Yours Very Truly,

Korby S. Parnell
product manager
mscom community & collborative development

Comments (3)

  1. McP says:

    Now that is what I call class. Public self-deprecation is the ultimate act of repentance in my book and it takes someone who really, truly feels bad about the situation to do this.

    Well done sir.

  2. RobCaron says:

    No worries. I hope everyone enjoyed the event. However, I do look forward to that bottle from Wall Walla. When do we pour? 🙂

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