CodeSlam: We have a Bobblehead Winner!

Gotdotnet CodeSlam attendee and VB.NET MVP extraordinaire Keith Pleas just came over to collect his Eric Rudder bobblehead for winning the "Most [adjective] Quote" at CodeSlam. What was his quote, you ask, and what was the adjective? 
"I really want it."
Adjective: persuasive.
Sometimes it's that simple.

Congratulations Keith.


Comments (2)

  1. mike says:

    1. I can’t believe someone would actually make one of these.

    2. I can’t believe someone would actually want one of these.

    3. I can’t believe this is good for customers to see.

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    The way I see it, this is not only a collectible artifact of post-industrial American commerce, it’s just downright frickin’ cool. One of these is bound to show up on eBay any day, don’t you think?

    Furthermore, I greatly respect any person of Mr. Rudder’s stature and importance (he will soon report to Bill Gates directly) who has enough self-confidence and sense of humor to allow their likeness to be immortalized in this form. Bravo, Eric!

    Furthermore, this bobblehead is one small taste of a corporate culture that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is open to experimentation, self-expression, and innovation. It is this very culture that inspires and enables me and thousands of other Microsoft employees to blog our hearts out to our beloved and hard working customers.

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