A New Evangelist in the Midwest

As the son of a career evangelist, I have long appreciated the skill and hard work it takes to bring the abstract to life and show folks the light. Evangelism is not sales. It's not a job. Rather, it is a calling, a discipline, and at its very best: an art form. Evangelism is the ability to express abstract ideas in a way that makes sense to Everyman, enliven us to the beauty and power of the sublime, and inspire us to realize our own potential and effect positive change in our own lives and the world around us. I have long admired the methods of evangelists like the esteemed Reverends Martin Luther King and Billy Graham, who elevated evangelism to an art form. And whereas I remain convinced that the midwestern United States has more than enough mediocre evangelists to go around, I submit that there's always room for another evangelist with great potential and passion.

As such, I congratulate Mr. Dave Bost (MSFT) for his ordination, if you will, into the ranks of our developer evangelists. Go forth, Dave, and evangelize. We're lucky to have you.

If you are an evangelist in the midwestern United States or elsewhere, I encourage you to drop by Dave's blog and offer him a few words of advice and encouragement.

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