gotdotnet CodeGallery has left the station

I am proud to announce the public release of CodeGallery, the newest member of the gotdotnet family. is the community website where professional Windows and .NET developers from around the world can contribute and consume code samples, snippets, scripts, and developer tools, as well as participate in ad hoc collaborative development projects with friends and colleagues. Whether you're new to computers or a hardcore developer, gotdotnet has something for you.

My boss, Sandy Khaund broke the news about the launch of CodeGallery on his blog. He writes, "[CodeGallery is] focused on the experience of community feedback. While Workspaces concentrates on the joint development of code and code check-in process, CodeGallery limits code activity to upload and download and instead orients the collaboration around idea sharing and feedback from members about the uploaded items. Each CodeGallery project is a “micro-community” on GotDotNet that is focused on collaborative feedback and code, documentation and idea sharing. To support this, we [provide] customization, message board creation, online reporting, bug tracking and message boards that enable members to work together in evolving a project whether it is code, documentation or conceptual."

Core Gotdotnet Components

  • User Samples-- Fire and Forget
    This is the place to go to find "sample apps" that other gotdotnet community members have shared. Digging into these samples, which number in the thousands and cover the entire range of technologies and languages for Windows- and Web-based applications, is a great way to learn how to design and develop software.

  • CodeGallery--Continuous Feedback-Driven Development
    As mentioned, this is the newest member of the gotdotnet family. At CodeGallery, you can download an application, its source code, or both. You can evaluate the application, discuss the latest online version with its creator and other users, as well as create bugs that the owner can fold into the next version of their application. CodeGallery is a great place to see how some of the best developers in the world develop software, find useful utilities and take advantage of reusable code.

  • Workspaces--Ongoing Collaborative Development
    Workspaces includes all of the functionality of CodeGallery but also offers source control tools for you to see and download past versions and check out/check in code. You can apply to join a workspace and once the owner approves your application, get the latest version, modify the code, and check in your changes online using one of three source control clients.

The gotdotnet team is committed to continuously improving our site and services for you, our awesome customers. In the coming months, we will roll out additional features and fixes as we continue to research and plan even more. If you use gotdotnet or think you might, I encourage you to post your comments and suggestions below. The gotdotnet Revival has commenced. What can we do to make gotdotnet your favorite site on the Web?

Comments (7)

  1. Via Korby

    I am proud to announce the public release of CodeGallery, the newest member of the gotdotnet…

  2. Glenn Wilson says:

    Just had a quick look and it looks good, but one quick question.

    Is this interface the new look of Gotdotnet, and are you going to change or update the other interfaces.

  3. Got a few suggestions:

    > custom links list

    > property of "project homepage" where you can point to another site the owner hosts

    > task list

    > request for features list non-project memebers can add stuff (and the project owner can prioritize them & link them to tasks)

    > Bug submission list

    Great work guys!!!

  4. MSDNArchive says:

    Glenn–All I can say is that the gotdotnet Revival has just begun. It wouild be unwise of me to promise something and then underdeliver… 😉

  5. Gduthie – Software Factory Information

    Provides several good links to articles and blogs for more…

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