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It's not on my blogroll but I'm addicted to the MSN Search blog. As one of my readers put it awhile back regarding my posts on VSS, 'I feel like Indiana Jones reading this blog.'

That feeling of discovery is the key to a great blog. And whereas I eschew team blogs with extreme prejudice for their incursion upon a medium that is and shall always be inherently person-al rather than people-al, I can't get enough of the MSN Search blog.

In a recent post, New Operators Explained, I learned how to use MSN Search to measure the "reputation "of a blog as measured by inbound links, which is one of the key indicators that blog indexers like the fine folks over at Technorati use to assign a ranking to the "Top Blogs", like Scobleizer. If rep is your game and blog is in your name, MSN Search is an indispensible tool.

[MSN Search Blog (RSS)] "Blog search in 4 lines of code----One of the tricks to use with Contains: is searching for blogs. As it turns out, most blogs, at least most blogs that are nowadays worth reading, have a RSS feed somewhere on them. Contains: is a great way to find pages that have RSS feeds, which is usually just a RSS, XML, RDF, or ATOM document type. Interested in finding blogs on African Cichlids? Try: African cichlids contains:(rss xml rdf atom). Or perhaps you’re a Steelers fan. It’s a quick hack, but we’ve found that it works surprisingly well!"

Okay, but you don't want to know about "African cichlids", do you? If you do, you've been drawn to the scent of my BlogPollen and you must subscribe to my weblog without further delay. No, you want to know about YOU, right? The 80's were all about ME. The 90's were all about ME surviving the Y2K code scrub drudgery. The ots are all about MY BLOG.

Show me the referrers! Am I right or am I right? Okay, try this on for size: [keyword] contains:(rss OR xml OR rdf OR atom) link:[your root blog URI]"


So now you're hooked and you want more, more, more. Let me assure you that the MSN Search team is working on giving you just that. Here are my top feature requests for Blog Search capabilities:

  • Show me all of the blogs that contain "string" that point to any specific posts for my blog. That might look something like this: " team contains:(rss OR xml OR rdf OR atom) ( contains:(foundation))"

  • Show me all of the individual posts at that contain the word "crazy ideas" and which point to an individual post at that contain the string "crazy ideas". That might look something like " "crazy fool" contains:(rss OR xml OR rdf OR atom) link:( contains:("crazy fool"))"


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