Scoble Graduates

Robert Scoble, who I once described as Microsoft's Blogger Laureate*, has finally earned my full, unmitigated respect and admiration. I've always liked Robert immensely but I have been reserved in my opinion of his blog, which I classify as a "human aggregator". This morning, Scoble was featured in a local spot about Soundfile: Corporate Blogging on Seattle's National Public Radio affiliate, KPLU along with the ever exhuberant Chris Pirillo. I'm a lifetime fan of NPR and listen to it daily. For me, even a soundbyte mention on NPR is a significant milestone. If a person gets more than a few seconds airtime, as Scoble did this morning, you've made it. Congratulations, Robert.

After listening this interview, ask Robert who hired him and how. It is a very interesting and amusing story.

*Scobleizer is a great blog for the masses and those for whom information overload is a serious problem. For my money however, Old New Thing is the best technical Microsoft employee-written blog. At the present time and in my humble opinion, Raymond Chen is Microsoft's real blogger laureate.

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