TechEd Europe: Blogger Eileen Brown

I'm sitting in a "chalk talk" about blogging for IT pros, which is being led by Eileen Brown. She just showed referrals in Community Server for a past post that has attracted 171,000+ Web Views and 106 comments. To put that in perspective, Web views for nearby posts numbered in the hundreds. Apparently, one of her readers added a comment containing the word words "IE 7.0 Betta".


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  1. admin says:

    Actually Korby, this was my Chalk Talk and I invited Eileen to co-present when I got assigned the slot. Not that she isn’t more of a professional than I am – true star quality that woman is – and not that she didn’t take the lead- since I was drained from my own presentation – but my name’s on the session as well and I actually held my own here.

    Betsy Aoki

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    Betsy — it seems that your gin and my lack of comment moderation are not a good mix. Your instinctive objection to your personal exclusion from this post is not without basis in fact. Eileen is a star (or will be) and she deserved a brief cameo appearance on my blog. This was my "Meet Eileen Brown" post, not my "Betsy Rocks" post.

    Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed that you took it upon yourself to diminish Eileen’s time in the weak limelight of my blog by posting this comment.

    In my opinion, Eileen has a natural grasp of what makes her blog successful and useful to customers and her enthusiasm is infectious. In my opinion, she did lead that conversation and you were well-served to yield the floor to her. Good job. I think she’s a born blogger like me, like Josh, and like Scoble.

    I was pleased to see that 20 or so people made it to this chalk talk. It was a good idea to have it.

    Hey, why don’t you add me to your blogroll? You obviously read my blog…hint hint. This is a non-rhetorical question and it is not a masked command. I just wanna know what your deal is.

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