SourceGear Developing Linux/Solaris/MacOS client for Team Foundation

I'm a little late to print with this announcement but it's just too darn intriguing to not share.

[John Lawrence, January 12, 2005]
"Erik Sink blogs about some very interesting news from SourceGear

I'm writing this blog entry to share an exciting bit of news from SourceGear: We have decided to announce the fact that we are developing a new product which will be released later this year.  The code-name for this new product is "Allerton".  In a nutshell, Allerton is a Linux/Solaris/MacOS client for Team Foundation.

I’m going to be really interested to watch how this shapes up."

Worthy of Note: Microsoft has encouraged development of non-Windows clients for Visual SourceSafe in the past (MAC, Unix, ...).

In my humble opinion, this announcement is awesome and it's just the tip of the iceberg. Team System is an amazing platform whose power and potential cannot and will not be realized by one company alone, not even Microsoft. If you're interested in this area, I encourage you to keep an eye on Rob Caron's amazingly omniscient Team System blog.

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  1. Mike Weiss says:

    Hopefully they can achieve feature parity w/ the windows version. My team is using this company’s Source Offsite product. While it has it high points over VSS alone, it doesn’t have 100% of the features of the regular VSS UI. Since we can ONLY access VSS through Offsite (security reasons), it is often very frustrating!!

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