Drool Tool, Smartphone, or Status Symbol for Geeks

At the far end of a long table, safely outside Scoble's omnivourous information net, I mused aloud, "Does everyone have one of those blasted phones?" David Lemson, sitting next to me with his wife KC, pulled one out. 'Drats! They're everywhere,' I thought.

It was an informal shindig at Rockbottom in Bellevue. 12-15 inspired Microsofties were drinking about community and communing about thinking. When I arrived, Scoble was showing off his cell phone to Betsy and a few other folks (Josh and Gretchen Ledgard, ...). Several people at the table were holding the same blasted phone as Scoble: the Audiovox SMT 5600.

Upon seeing David's sexy, little Smartphone in action, I resolved (like any good, red-blooded American) to find and buy a better one and thereby dissipate any geek envy that I might have. Two nights later, I drove to each of the cellular provider retail stores in my area to investigate the alternatives. I shopped around online, solicited opinions, and finding nothing better, decided to buy the same blasted phone as everyone else. So much for individualism! I guess I'll have to wrap it in duct tape, or something.

Having never purchased a cell phone, I had no idea how fast the process would be. Within 15 minutes of walking into the AT&T Wireless/Cingular store, I was making calls to family, taking pictures of durable urban artifacts, and checking my Inbox for new emails.

I also had both hands on the steering wheel while driving... Ain't Bluetooth wonderful.

Comments (9)

  1. Heh! Welcome to the Scoblephone revolution!

  2. Randy says:

    You shoulda seen the physical envy in the hall when the Samsung Portable Media Player was making its rounds… was rather ugly, actually.

    (And my reason for picking up an SMT5600 was more because I got tired of my MPx200 pissing me off – the 5600 with a BT headset fixed that!)

  3. Leo Nelson says:

    Did you by any chance see a smartphone comparable to the XDA II at your Cingular store?

  4. shel says:

    I’ve learned tht resisting Robert is futile. But you can still individualize. There’s ringtones.

  5. Dan Bartels says:


    Here are a couple of must haves for your new phone…

    An rss news reader (only thing missing is a layout for the home screen with updated IMHO)


    And of course a Podcast client (so you dont have to envy those with the the Ipod anymore… Lets see the Ipod pull podcasts over the air =)




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