Full-text Book Searches: My Library vs. A9.com

As of last night, I am one of the four people on Earth for whom Google has lost its mojo. It’s old hat. It was quite a romance but the end is near. Google, I still love you but… I’ve lost that Google feeling. Soon, very soon, you will be just another search engine with an ever-changing logo….


Hermiston’s Li’l Hotspot

[Richard Hundhausen] “Read this in Mobile PC magazine, then did my own research. Turns out that Hermiston County, Oregon, recently installed 75 towers to transmit signals over a 600-square-mile area. This is even more amazing, if you’ve ever driving by or through there. I guess the horse and coyote mounted laptops will enjoy this new…


Video of an Actual Bug Triage at Microsoft

Have you ever wanted to know how product bugs (like the ones you report using Ladybug) get triaged at Microsoft? My homies on the MSBuild team: Alex Kipman (PM), Rajeev Goel (SDE), Dan Moseley (SDETest extraordinaire), and Chad Royal (GPM) recently opened one their feature team triage meetings to a Channel 9 video camera. When you…


Team Foundation vs. SourceSafe | Cloaking

Klingons and Romulans everywhere will bristle with pride when they learn that cloaking has survived the conceptual port from Visual SourceSafe to Team Foundation. Cloaking is a vital feature in VSS as it speeds up expensive Get operations and conserves disk space on your client by not retrieving items that you deem outside the scope of your project. For Team Foundation users,…


San Francisco One-Ups Redmond

The citywide Wi-Fi meme catapulted to another level yesterday when San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom boldly announced that, “We will not stop until every San Franciscan has access to free wireless Internet service,” he said in his annual state of the city address. “These technologies will connect our residents to the skills and the jobs…


High Speed Wireless Internet in Redmond

Tonight, the Redmond City Council voted unanimously to approve my proposal to support the provision of ubiquitous, high speed, wireless Internet connectivity citywide…with minor modifications. Like any good politician (I am neither good nor politician but occasionally experience moments of transcendental goodness in the presence of true politicas like my mother, Laura John, and Councilwoman Nancy McCormick), I am compelled to characterize the council’s revisions…


tf.exe Rename==tf.exe Move in Visual Studio Team Foundation

When you use the Team Foundation tf rename command to rename a source-controlled file in your local workspace, you change its address, not its name. If you rename file1.cs to file2.cs, you implicitly change its address from c:\folder\file1.cs to c:\folder\file2.cs. So what happens if you rename the folder part of an address to an existing repository folder rather…


Please do not reprint this email in your blogs

This morning, several hundred Microsoft bloggers received an internal email (unrelated to blogging) that ended with, “Please do not reprint this email in your blogs.” I hm’d to myself, “Hm. Hmmmmm.”And then I said, “Hah! Blogger bait.” Don’t you just love reverse psychology? If you want a blogger to blog, just tell ’em they can’t blog about…


The WikiWay: Adopt-a-Vandal

A week or two after David Ornstein released FlexWiki to SourceForge, Mike Gunderloy reflects on the issue (or is it a non-issue?) of WikiVandalism. [Mike Gundleroy]  “…the news of FlexWiki’s relicensing was picked up by the “News for Nerds” Web site Slashdot, which is a perennial home for Microsoft-bashing. Along with the comments that trolls posted…


Team Foundation vs. SourceSafe | Locking vs Exclusive Checkouts

Adam Singer, the newest addition to my blogroll, recently blogged about the Lock Command in Visual Studio Team Foundation. Even if you don’t have a CTP or beta build of Visual Studio 2005 Team System, I recommend his post. Locking in VSTS points to one of the most obvious differences between the Team Foundation source control system and Visual…