StikiWiki might be too far from the metal to be cool to my friends ("Ack, DHTML"). StikiWiki and other WYSIWYG wiki engines might make David Ornstein epileptic, send Ward Cunningham off the deep end, and prompt a diatribe of epic length and vehemence from Dare Obasanjo. But folks, the entire World Wide Web will someday be a WYSIWYG Wiki (the WikiWikiWeb). WYSIWYWiki is a beautiful thing. Go. Type.

In my post, Wiki as Wunderkammer, I wrote, "If a weblog is the modern equivalent of a personal Wunderkammer, collections of traditional Web pages like must be the modern, Internet-based equivalent of a traditional museum.  The analog is clear. In a traditional museum, exhibit items are necessarily encased in glass or separated from visitors using other means. In the same way, the contents of traditional Web pages are protected from visitors by an invisible shield. You can view a static Web page but you can’t really touch it in a way that creates a lasting emotional bond."

As a driving force in the ongoing creation of the virtual Universe, the WikiWay is at least as important as the Semantic Web. If I could find a definition of 35 words or less for each of these concepts, I'd be a happy guy. 🙂

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  1. A definition (i won’t claim goodness…) for the Wiki Way:

    Share knowledge, opinion, and passion as if you were passing around the world’s largest collection of blackboards, where everyone who reads it is expected to change things so that what is written is better (more complete/clear/effective/artistic) after they are done.

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