We Have a Winner!

Andrew Martin, you're the grand prize winner of The "Name That Blog" Contest. Please email me your street address so that I can drop The Prize in the mail.

Thanks to everyone who made a suggestion. Your submissions were BRILLIANT!

It's unfortunate that I only have one copy of Visual Studio .NET 2003 to give away because shortly after I announced this contest (and completely unbeknownst to me), a group of SourceSafe developers started a team blog whose name is uncannily similar to suggestions made by Brian Carroll  and Chris Hammond: CheckItOut. Gentlemen, I owe you one. Perhaps I can buy you dinner at an upcoming conference?

Once again, congratulations to Andrew. His suggestions (one of which I may or may not use) were:

If you build it, they will come. (a really good mix of planning commisioner and version control, if you ask me)


Branching Out.

Out on a Limb.

Precision Revisions.

A Snapshot of the mind of Korby Parnell.

Straight from the Source.

My Version of Things.

Built to Last.

Comments (4)

  1. Oh, and my wife has been pestering me for weeks to get that blankedy-blank software out of little girl’s crib. 😉

  2. Andrew-

    You get two signatures on the box :], mine and one other. Whose would you like? If I was in your position, I’d try to balance out the one-penny rookie card (mine;) with a veteran like Raymond Chen, a heavy hitter like Brad Abrams, or an all-star like Brian Harry. Be forewarned though, if you choose an exec, it might take me a couple of months to obtain a signature.


  3. Glad you got your name all squared away 😉

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