Renaming H.EXE

Jason Barile, test lead for the new Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation source control application (codename, Hatteras) asks a tantalizing little question,

Anyone have suggestions for a cmd line executable name?”

As Jason points out, h commandname “ the working name for our command line executable, and it's a short version  of “Hatteras”. It is unlikely, though not impossible, that we will ship “h“ with Microsoft Team Foundation for the following reasons:

  1. h is the abbreviated name of a project codename. Microsoft doesn't ship codenames.

  2. h is the nickname of a highly addictive substance.  And whereas Hatteras can be addictive to computer geeks, it's definitely not a drug and it's certainly good for your health.

So, do you want to make your mark?  Go for the mainline.  Suggest a name.  My suggestion is hr.exe because Hatteras is going to be a homerun.  Strike that.  Human Resources would be all over us for that. 😉

Comments (10)

  1. Mike Kolitz says:

    How about SoCo.EXE (for SOurce COntrol, not Southern Comfort…) 🙂

  2. Ben Lowery says:

    Well, Perforce is p4.exe, so you’ve got some stiff competition.

    How about hat.exe?

    sc.exe works as well.

  3. "sc" is both accurate and easy to type.

    The advantage to an executable name like P4, at least from the development side, is that it’s possible to perform a Find and Replace All across all sources and help files. If I try to replace all instances of "sc" in all of my help files, wow, that’d be a mess.

    For this very reason, I’m using VSTF rather than H in all of the command line examples…

    sc is good but is it too close to ss?

  4. Arild Fines says:

    sc probably wouldn’t fly:

    T:>sc /?

    ERROR: Unrecognized command


    SC is a command line program used for communicating with the

    Service Control Manager and services.


    sc <server> [command] [service name] <option1> <option2>…

  5. Steve Hall says:

    That’s precisely why I suggested "SCM" for the client-side and "SCMS" for the server-side. (See Jason’s blog article…)

  6. rav says:

    scc for client? Perhaps that could be confused for a C compiler though.

  7. Erik Wynne Stepp says:

    SCC? VSTF is good, too.

  8. AndrewSeven says:

    How about TSSC.

    MSESC (MS Enterprise Source Control)… better than MESC which would be too much like H.

  9. sc says:

    source control

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