Blogophilia in Hatteraslandia

I set my blog dial to hibernate last week to concentrate on well, you know, work and stuff.  I come back to discover an overflowing aggregator and… Holy BatBlogs is my team is blogging about some interesting stuff!

Folks, I just absorbed as much technical goo about Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation in the last hour reading posts by Chris Rathjen, Jason Barile, Brian Harry, James Manning, and Buck Hodges as I did on an average day as a fly on the wall down in their North Carolina offices.

  • Chris (test) writes about our VSS2Hatteras migration plans, which should be especially interesting to those of you who don’t think you can live without VSS’ Share feature.

  • Jason (test) talks about Hatteras command syntax in Basic operations in Hatteras’ cmd line environment and asks for suggested alternatives to h.exe.

  • James (dev) writes,

    One thing that’s often said (by myself in the past, and many others) is that Eclipse makes CVS not only usable, but somewhat enjoyable.  I’ve used Eclipse at multiple previous jobs and really enjoyed it as something that made CVS much easier to work with.  Is that the secret to source control?  Make the end source control user’s experience actually enjoyable?  Maybe those wacky Eclipse guys are onto something J  Of course, Eclipse is far more than just a nice CVS interface, but stick with me here.


    Now, the major pitch of VSTS is obviously the tighter integration of our development software stack and more importantly, the easier, less repetitive workflow it enables.  Integration between source control and bug work item tracking, integration between requirements gathering and creation of work items, etc., etc. – these are all great features and I am very much looking forward to them making the lives of project managers, developers, testers, and everyone involved in the software development process better.  


    But, I still hope that Hatteras honestly makes source control itself a joy for our customers.

  • And Buck (dev) blogs, Scoble is everywhere

Yup. I call that Scoblebiquity. You can’t avoid the guy.  I ran into Microsoft’s Blogger Laureate and his wife Maryam at Victor’s Coffee in downtown Redmond yesterday morning.

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  1. Cleve Littlefield says:

    I am excited about the new features in Hatteras. The one thing I wonder about it the integration with VS. I am constantly fighting VS to keep synced with source control, especially as project change and are moved. This is especially bad with web projects. And when an error occurs, you dont get any kind of message you can work with to diagnose the problem. Will this experience be better?

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