The Future of SourceGear Vault

Eric Sink, who I met at TechEd recently, is truly the arctic fox of the software biz. He's also one of the nicest and most sincere guys around.  In his most recent post, Eric talks about the future of SourceGear Vault in the context of recent announcements about Microsoft Visual Studio Team System.

Eric writes,

“As the release of Visual Studio 2005 gets closer, more and more information will become available, and the world will begin to understand that TFS is not for everyone.  Even now, details are starting to appear.  I predict that TFS will be an outstanding product and a big success, but there will continue to be a lot of developers who want other choices, for one reason or another.

SourceGear will be here for those developers.  Ever since September, we have been adapting our strategy.  We have done and are continuing to do the things necessary to allow SourceGear to thrive.  Our sales have continued to be extremely strong.  Our customers continue to tell us how much they love our products.”

Eric, I think that Microsoft is lucky to have you as a partner and I, for one, am committed to making the source control services portion of the Visual Studio documentation as useful for Vault users as for VSS and TFS users. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Team Foundation Server is a huge opportunity, in and of itself, for VSIP partners like SourceGear. We might be changing the speed and direction of the MS Visual Studio, but we alerted our friends and partners beforehand and are now sailing for sunnier climes.  In the long run, I'm certain that Eric will thrive in the warmer waters and hopefully, so will you.

Comments (5)

  1. vbNullString says:

    I am glad to hear this! My company is deciding whether we should go for Vault or stick with SourceSafe. The size of our project is getting bigger and bigger as we grow. With the limit of SourceSafe only can handle up to 5GB database, we were discussing whether we should move to Vault or not.

    Thanks for the info!

  2. I have been using SourceSafe for last 5 years and vault for personal use for some month know (it’s free for single persons use and that’s nice?). I use vault manly because it’s has a very good internet connection.

    Still why don’t we use vault at work is quit simple. We need a product that is well known on the market and been for several years. We have invested lot in building scripts, and other integration that’s depending on SourceSafe.

    But still I think vault its good product and think the competition is good. Keep up the good work!

  3. Chad Slagle says:

    I have been using Vault for over two years now and I personally love it. I have a Vault DB that has about 12+GB worth of applications, and documentation and is running strong.

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