Oracle SCM’s Schwanengesang

Brian Duff, Oracle's blogger laureate in my book, discusses future plans for Oracle SCM.

“The fact is that Oracle have decided not to develop Oracle SCM further as a product; no new features will be added to it. I'm about as far removed from the people who make those kind of decisions in the company as it's possible to be [I just write code; they make difficult decisions], so I don't know the exact reasons behind this. Whatever the reasons, I do think it's the right decision. I think we had a long way to go to even scratch the surface of our competition in the version control market, and I think our time in the JDeveloper team is best spent supporting version control systems that are already well established (like CVS) or have popular community backing (like Subversion, PVCS and SourceSafe).“

DuffBlog. Subscribed.

BTW, I really like the skin chooser over at Orablogs, especially the “Blue Redmond” option. 🙂 Too bad we don't have something similar at Do you think I should change the skin of my blog? Or is the MSDN theme okay?

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  1. MSDN theme has "cold" colors and it swallows blogger’s personality, imho.

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