Visual Studio Team Foundation: Questions, Questions, Questions

Do you have questions about Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation?

What is it?
How do I get the beta?
When will it be available?

How much will it cost?

How much faster will it be than SourceSafe?

Will I be able to migrate my code from VSS to Team Foundation?
Why are you not answering any of these questions?

What do I look like, a newsgroup?

The VS Team Foundation development team is busily answering questions and collecting feature requests for Microsoft's next generation source control, work item tracking, and change management toolkit over at the Team Foundation newsgroup. Bookmark it today.

Comments (4)

  1. I have a SourceSafe database where, when we do a get latesrt version on several of the files, we get an error in the form of "Project XXX has been destroyed, and canont be rebuilt."

    It then prompts whether to continue. Saying yes gets the file and no means no file is retrieved. Our automated build process uses the command line SourceSafe tools to get files. Using the -i- argument to "ss get" automatically answers "no" to the above question, meaning no files are retrieved. I’ve run analyze on this database several times and it has not fixed the problem.

    Is there a way to fix or remove this warning? I’ve googled for an answer but can’t find one. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Mike Davis says:

    That’s great but the newsgroup is private??

  3. The newsgroups are not private, but they are password protected. My own personal guess is that’s to cut down on spam and keep the noise level near zero.

    The account name is "privatenewsVSUser" and the password is "Password" (it is case sensitive).

    The details are actually shown on the Welcome page, but you have to scroll down to see them (scroll the frame titled "Welcome to the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Technology Preview Newsgroups").

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