Software Testers Wanted

Hallmarks of a Great Tester is the best Microsoft help wanted post I've seen yet. Oops, I just ruined it.

Anyway, it begins with,

If you ask me, I'll tell you a great tester

Is devious

A great tester has a streak of deviousness.  Anyone can follow the lists of test cases that abundantly fill most books on testing.  A great tester can move beyond these lists and dream up an endless series of gnarly methods for attacking the program.  A great tester is described by developers as "sick" and "demented".

and ends with,

“Want a fun job on a great team?  Send two coding samples and an explanation of why you chose them, and of course your resume, to me at michhu at microsoft dot com.  I need testers, and my team needs a data binding developer, program managers, and a product manager.  Great coding skills required for all positions.”

Wouldn't it be cool to work for a manager that appreciates your deviousness?

Comments (2)

  1. RichB says:

    I remember a quote from a MS-related book (Code Complete perhaps?) that says

    "The best tester is a person who thinks the world will end tomorrow"

    They want to prove that everything is doom, so they go out of their way to demonstrate all areas of doom in the system they are testing.

  2. Rommel Dilig says:

    I’m Rommel Dilig, willing to be a software tester, i’m from Davao City Philippines, my email address

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