Developing at KittyWarp Speed

I'm sitting in on a usability test of some Visual Studio 2005 Team System features. The test subject is capable, smart, asks all the right questions, and most importantly, agrees with my assessment of the product: Team System Rocks.

One-way glass and presumed anonymity makes me giddy.

I review a list of proposed readme items for Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 and stumble across an issue entitled,

EditorParts are rendered incorrectly...”, which is totally chilling but doesn't frighten me as much as the existence of the Writer.Flush() method in the .NET Framework.

The usability test participant in the next room proceeds into an area outside my featureset. I take a quick look at where I happen upon this Strangely Compelling post by EricGu ; Perhaps Eric was sitting in a Visual C# usability lab when he posted.

Eric, you are one warped cat. Check out Warp-a-Kitty. As advertised, it really is “a totally useless time waster.“ Now, I'd like to warp my own cats: Cybil and Leilu.

Like EricGu, my weblog is my wunderkammer: occasionally strange and hopefully, always compelling.

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