Technical Dogumentation

For a city of its size, the streets of San Diego are remarkably well-designed, user-friendly, “nuisance free“, and well documented.

Crosswalk Interfaces
In the vicity of the San Diego Convention Center, crosswalks are well marked, well-lighted, human scale, and when pushed, provide continuous feedback via a little red light. Moreover, the crosswalks are time-synchronized so that a pedestrian walking at a moderate pace never has to stop to push a crosswalk button.  When you do stop, stickers above the crosswalk buttons provide both visual and textual documentation, explaining the precise meaning of each signal state: walk, walk cautiously, and do not walk, homey. Feature Request: extensible timeout settings and audible activation feedback.

Thanks in large part to the excellent user education skills of San Diego's “nuisance“ mitigation team, I have yet to encounter a single turd file in my traversals of the grid...

For those of you who know him, do Happy, Happy and Happy, pictured above, appear to be caricatures of Eli Robillard? I ran into Eli in the TechEd community cabanas this morning with his wife, Marcie.

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  1. Leilu says:

    How do you compare San Diego’s crosswalk interfaces with those of Microsoft’s main campus in Redmond or downtown Redmond? Does Redmond have a nuisance mitigation team or is nuisance mitigation another nouveau Southern California thang?

  2. Alison White says:

    Question to the San Diego Nuisance UE team: Does the size of the "nuisance" influence the technique for its removal? Potential owners of giant breed dogs want to know!

  3. I do not know. What I do know is that due to the inherent limitations of the documentation medium (no expandable text regions/unable to populate procedure dynamically according to customer type) the nuisance mitigation team had to streamline for the 80% user. In MicroSpeak, big dogs are a corner case. But big dogs rule!

  4. Anonymous says:

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