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This morning I sat down with Brian Harry and helped him set up a blog on Brian is the product unit manager (PUM) for Visual Studio Team Foundation, which his team is developing down in North Carolina.  Josh Ledgard recently posted a bio of all the Team System managers, including Brian's:

Brian Harry Posted in the Team Foundations Group (Think new source control!):

“I'm Brian Harry, Product Unit Manager for Visual Studio Team Foundation.  I've
been with Microsoft 10 years and worked on a variety of technologies.  I
came to Microsoft in Nov '94 when One Tree Software (makers of SourceSafe)
was acquired.  After continuing on SourceSafe for a year or so, I had brief
stint on the Microsoft repository and was then one of the founding members
of what eventually became the Common Language Runtime.  I'm probably best
known (notoriously ?) for a widely distributed and controversial treatise on
deterministic finalization a few years ago.  After working on the .NET
Framework through V1.1 I moved back into the developer tools space and am
excited about helping make development teams more effective through the
Visual Studio Team System.”


Other Team Foundation blogs to watch include Brian White (work item management), Eric Adams(testing), Buck Hodges (source control), and of course, mine!

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  1. Brian Harry says:

    My name is also Brian Harry, I live in dublin, ireland

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