TechEd Cabanas

3:40PM I’m sitting here on a couch in the community cabanas with Brad Abrams, Kit George, Anders Hjelsberg, and Doug Neumann. Brad is signing books to give away at one of Kit’s sessions. Anders says that he doesn’t blog because “I have a life already.” J I hear that. He continues, ‘Between my day job and family, I just don’t have two extra hours a day to blog. But I talk to EricGu a lot,’ he concludes with a smile.

The community cabanas are comfortable lounge areas that are arrayed along the edges of the central tent pavilion on the second deck of the San Diego convention center. If you're lucky enough to be in town for TechEd, come on by.  You might not run into Anders or Brad but there's a good chance you'll run into folks like me and Doug, who is the PM for the source control services in Visual Studio Team Foundation.

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