My Blog Year in Review

It is often said that weblogging really took off on the day when you started blogging...or when I started blogging, as the case may be. This adage reminds me of a question that all Microsoft employees are asked on their first day of work.

Q: What is the most important day in Microsoft's history?
A: Today, because today is the day you started working at Microsoft.

I believe that Microsoft's greatest day is yet to arrive, which proves that other adage: there is no right answer. Just like Microsoft, I believe that my blog's greatest days are yet to come. So on the occasion of my first real blogiversary, I decided to read back through every single one of my posts and reflect on what I like, or not, what customers seem to value, and how I can write a better blog in the coming year.  Here are a few of my 'greatest hits':

Life at Microsoft

Visual Studio .NET and SourceSafe

Social Computing

Planning Redmond

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