Many Oceans to Cross

I've traveled everywhere in red, except for Alaska.  Looks like I have some traveling to do.  Any suggestions for a December vacation?

create your own visited country map

Thanks to Heather James for the link.

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  1. James Geurts says:

    Wisconsin is almost like it’s own country… you could go try the excellent beer & cheese produced there 🙂 It should be a nice wintery retreat come December.

  2. Sean says:

    How about Taiwan! You could try some Asparagus drink… it’s the bomb!

  3. Sonu Kapoor says:

    How about India ? Its a totally different world !


  4. Peter Jones says:

    New Zealand is hot and fun in December, friendly people who speak the same language (English is easy to understand for Americans), plenty of nice places to visit and exciting things to do.


    If you travel off the left hand edge of your map, NZ is not too far away either!

  5. I’ve always heard that New Zealand is OUT OF THIS WORLD but I think we’ve validated that is nothing if not OFF THE MAP. 😉

    My friend Derek went down there for the Kiwi Kup two years ago and never returned…

    That’s what scares me about N.Z.: one morning I’d wake up to discover a fast Farr or a nimble Davidson beneath my feet, a worthless return ticket to Seattle in my pocket, a stiff breeze at my back, and a taut spinnaker sheet in hand.

  6. Your Name Here says:

    New Zealand! The North Island (where Auckland and Wellington are) features all sorts of interesting historical stuff, volcanos, bubbling hot springs, friendly people and many, many sheep.

    The South Island was home to Middle Earth in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. Great scenery, cruises past glaciers, interesting wildlife (alpine parrots that pull the rubber gaskets off your car windows.) The big city is Christchurch, also interesting historic stuff.

    I was in NZ for New Years Y2K, great place, can’t wait to go back. It’s not off your map, either.

  7. Me says:

    If you went to Russia it would make the map look a whole lot redder, simply because it is such a large place.

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