Happy Birthday Many2Many

Thanks in large part to the folks who write Many2Many, it's been a great year for me. Keep up the great work.

If you're just a wee bit interested in social computing but only have time to track one feed on the subject, I suggest Many2Many, which aggregates posts from several social computing thinkers.  As a measure of the quality of the blog posts at Many2Many, I recently suggested to Clay, who is one of the principal contributors, that they figure out how to make old versions available to paid subscribers only.  I WANT to pay these folks to do what they do so well so that they continue to do so.

[from Sébastien Paquet]
The group weblog on social software that Clay Shirky, Ross Mayfield, Liz Lawley and I started last year has turned one! Along the way we've had a string of great guestbloggers, and two of them (David Weinberger and danah boyd) have become regular authors. Meanwhile social software hasn't stopped booming, and things are getting more interesting every day.

On the occasion of the anniversary we have decided to open a wiki space on social software, which I hope will be helpful in collecting and organizing resources on this growing area of interest. I have spent a while seeding the social software timeline, finding out along the way that email, group chat, mailing lists, MUDs, and USENET were all invented before 1980. Ross has integrated his social software reader and started an open post. Everyone is welcome to set foot on the space, making a personal page and contributing wherever they can. You can also suggest story leads on this page, and follow the action in this RSS feed. Explore and enjoy!

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