WikiPlugin for Visual Studio?

Sorry, I don't think one exists yet.  The more I use WikiWiki though, the more often I find myself typing CamelCasedWords in Outlook emails, Word docs, and code files in Visual Studio.  And every time I do so, I sit there for a split-second looking at the word, waiting for the underlying application to add a WikiTopicPlaceholder  to my Wiki. Alas, it never happens. Someday, it will.

Wouldn't WikiIntegration be a great feature in Visual Studio?

[murphee's Rant] The WikiPlugin for Eclipse “is a plugin, that allows you to generate a personal local Wiki in the comfort of your Eclipse environement. After startup, you can create a file with the extension ".wiki" ... and you're done. In this file you can write the data/information/text/... you want, and if you want to create a wiki link, simply do that in the old CamelBackSpelling way; this will cause a new file (with the name of the Wiki link + ".wiki") to be created. The wiki link is automatically highlighted (or at least displayed differently, so it can be recognized as a link) and works immediately (you cannot open it with a left click (yet?), you have to use "Open Wiki Link" in the links popup menu).“

Este mensaje se proporciona "como está" sin garantías de ninguna clase, y no otorga ningún derecho.

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