X Marks the Spot

Microsoft Main Campus, from the air.  The X-shaped buildings, the original six, look alternatively like the evacuated Mars Rover landing structure or a game of  tic tac toe that Bill won. Due to their byzantine configurations, finding your way to and through some of these buildings can be a challenge. Disclaimer: I did not obtain this photo using a U2 spy plane.

Comments (11)

  1. Eric says:

    How wide are the legs of the X’s (or +’s)? Is there just one office on either side of a hallway, or are there internal offices/conference rooms?

  2. Scott says:

    It would appear that X has the upper hand. Maybe O can come back with a block. They should take Whoopi Goldberg in the center square.

    That from TerraServer

  3. Nick says:

    Must be an older photo… where’s Lake Bill? 🙁

  4. Roy Green says:

    when I was there for a week in ’90, each of the legs had a u-shaped hallway (or V- if you prefer). There were outer offices, and inner offices, except where there were testing labs and conference rooms, which spanned the inner space. The offices had windows into the hallways, meaning even the inner offices could get some ambient light (i say could, because a lot of people had their windows blocked off, and had mood lighting instead). The break rooms were at the root of each leg, and a big atrium was in the center. (I was in the one on the left in the top group. I think it was Bldg 9?)

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