A typical Microsoft bookshelf?

Yes, that is dental floss marking a very important page in ASP.NET Unleashed, which was written by an honest to goodness Microsoft Software Legend, Stephen Walther [via Julia Lerman and Amy Sorokas]).  No, I have not read DCOM but I know somebody who has.  Yes, the entire Visual Studio team signed that box, which is the Enterprise Developer edition of VS.NET 2002 (v1).  The really fun titles are on the bottom shelf, which isn't visible in this photo.  They include Smart Mobs, and a pair of out of print classics: the original SourceSafe reference from OneTree Software and Microsoft Basic Interpreter for Apple Macintosh cerca 1984.  BTW, the tools are from my grandfather's collection.  He made several of them himself.  If you can't buy it, build it.  If it's not written, write it down.

Comments (7)

  1. anony says:

    Yup, it is typical MS shelf alright, and most of them are totally junk now… that’s a painful reality to a typical MS centered developer…

  2. senkwe says:

    Is that a bottle of hot sauce I see?

  3. Pretty much looks exactly like mine…

  4. yeah, no doubt. That looks so much like my bookshelf it’s not even funny. I even have the big red webster’s in pretty much the same place 😉

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