Meet David Ornstein

If you're interested in WikiWiki (you know, that revolutionary, Web-based collaborative authoring thingymajig) and you write code, especially C# or C++, I'd like to introduce you to David Ornstein.  David, who is a development lead on the Microsoft Windows team and a new father, has been one of the primary contributors to, if not the driving force behind the development of FlexWiki.  FlexWiki is an open source .NET Wiki implementation that David and his band of WikiZealots (which could include you) are developing in C#, from the ground up.  Based on what I've seen from his involvement in that space, I expect great things from David's blog.  Subcribed.

Comments (2)

  1. David Ornstein says:

    Actually, I’m a lead program manager. I was a developer in my previous life 🙂

  2. Correction: David Ornstein is a lead program manager in Windows, not a development lead. Hmmm, that explains why he’s such a good cat herder… 🙂

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