Blog Memetics and Kittens

This by way of Cameron by way of Word Soup by way of [extrapolate here].  I wonder if the creation of Blogacatmas can be traced back to HP's blog memetics study and the offhand kitten comment.  Is that enough human aggregator for one paragraph?  Okay then, here's some original, unhyperlinked content.

Charge of the Blogger Charade

Blogs to the left of them,
Blogs to the right of them,
Blogs in front of them
Trackbacked and pingback'd;
Blogrolls, RSS, OPML,
Boldly they wrote and well;
Into the jaws of Death
Into the mouth of Hell
Blogged the six hundred.

It's fair to assume that even Alfred Lord Tennyson (who wrote the propagandistic poem on which my 'original’ content is based) was a human aggregator on some level.  Good bloggers like good musicians don't work in a vacuum.

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