Integrating Your Code Docs into VS.NET On the Fly

Building on another Code Project article that describes how to automatically generate documentation for your code files from embedded comments, Sune Trudslev explains how to integrate your auto-generated code topics into the Visual Studio help system. By doing so, you can access them like any other .NET documentation in Visual Studio: via F1, Search, the Index, TOC, and even the Dynamic Help window.  Even if your team isn't yet building a big, mission-critical enterprise application from the ground up, you should definitely look into working a push buttom documentation generator/integrator into your workflow.  I recently downloaded a solution from a GotDotNet workspace whose classes had been well-documented in this way. It was like being a kid in a candy shop. Grab, grab, grab, BUILD.  Thanks for the tip, Sune (and Code Project).

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