VSS Label Differencing (on Longhorn!)

He hasn't coughed up the code yet, but K. Scott Allen has written a lovely little utility that shows the differences between two versions of a VSS project by label, on Windows Longhorn.  I haven't said this word in a long, long time.  Killer.

Excerpts from Scott's comments about programming in Longhorn:
“Using XAML will bring some of the best parts of web design to WinForms while leaving behind all the restrictions. The idea of having a Style element to make sweeping changes to the appearance of a form is particularly powerful.”
[Note to self]“I find the task based documentation (How Do I?) in the SDK extremely useful, particularly when first delving into a new area.”
“I’ve heard there is another version of Whidbey coming along soon to play with, but I’m also wondering when there will be another rev of Longhorn to experiment with. Overall - a fun experience with the new technology.”

That's it. Longhorn, here I come.

Comments (1)

  1. Scott Allen says:

    Wow! Killer!?!? Thanks KorbyP! 🙂

    I updated the blog with a link to the source – hopefully it will be easier on the eyes than the color scheme. Which I thought was okish, but my co-worker tells me is very loud.

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