Approaching Domain Omniscience

If you live in Outlook or are reticent to install an RSS aggregator such as SharpReader, you can receive an email every time your pet technology (or any other keyword) is mentioned in the blogosphere by plugging a Feedster RSS URL into a nifty little tool like PopHeadlines or Blogstreet.

To generate a Feedster RSS URL, go to, type in your search keywords, eg "Visual Studio", and press enter.  When the search results page appears, right-click the "RSS 2.0" graphic in the row of similar graphics (these include "Echo", "OPML", etc) and then click Copy Shortcut.

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  1. milbertus says:

    Another option (if you don’t mind spending $30) is to get the Outlook edition of NewsGator ( I’ve been using it since last summer, and haven’t looked back.

  2. mike says:

    Like I need _more_ email? 🙂

  3. PubSub ( is good as well. IIRC you only get a little snippet with feedster, but in PubSub you get the whole article.

  4. News says:

    I use The Bat how do I connect your RSS?

  5. RSS – much enabling technologies, due to her possible to simplify work and enlarge capacity of the labour of the editor

  6. Teboil says:

    I use The Bat how do I connect your RSS?

  7. I am tickled pink ‘n honored to announce the third release of Microsoft Tagspace *, a social bookmarking

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