Books for the Beach — Any Suggestions?

I’ll be out of the office, out of state, and off the grid for the next six weeks (paternity leave + holidays + vacation in TX, PA, and Hawai’i). I haven’t had six solid weeks to myself in…well…ummmm…since 1998. Whatever should I read? My daughter and I are biting off a few pages of Smart…


Deep Thoughts on Team Foundation

I’ve never been one to hang posters of synchronized dolphins jumping over inspirational quotes or deep thoughts on my wall but the assertion that “a whole can be greater than the sum of its parts” really does make me do a double-take every time I hear it. And more and more the second take finds…


RSS Notifications and Email Alerts in Visual Studio Team System?

John Lawrence wants to know what kind of support for event notifications you would like to see in Visual Studio Team System (checkins, checkouts , bug state changes, etc). “What would you like to see? RSS feeds? E-mail notifications? Messenger alerts? I’m not making any promises about what you’ll see in the final product but I’d…


VSS Analyze Script #4

Okay, I give in. Who is behind the new DevelopmentNow blog?Whoever it is, they just posted a VSS database analysis script (Win script…untested by me) that provides a third alternative to the two scripts (one PERL, one VBScript) and link to a third script that appear in my July 2003 post on the subject: End-to-End Analyze Script for Keeping a VSS Database Healthy.


VSS vs. Team Foundation Version Control | Checkout Behavior

“Unexpected Get” was the subject of a very interesting email thread that passed through my Outlook Inbox today. I mentioned the issue it raises in a previous post: Team Foundation vs. SourceSafe | Checking Out. Basically, VSS and Team Foundation perform check out operations in two very different ways.   Note   For an explanation of acronyms and codenames used in this thread, please refer to the…


I Voted


Full-text Book Searches: My Library vs.

As of last night, I am one of the four people on Earth for whom Google has lost its mojo. It’s old hat. It was quite a romance but the end is near. Google, I still love you but… I’ve lost that Google feeling. Soon, very soon, you will be just another search engine with an ever-changing logo….


Hermiston’s Li’l Hotspot

[Richard Hundhausen] “Read this in Mobile PC magazine, then did my own research. Turns out that Hermiston County, Oregon, recently installed 75 towers to transmit signals over a 600-square-mile area. This is even more amazing, if you’ve ever driving by or through there. I guess the horse and coyote mounted laptops will enjoy this new…


Video of an Actual Bug Triage at Microsoft

Have you ever wanted to know how product bugs (like the ones you report using Ladybug) get triaged at Microsoft? My homies on the MSBuild team: Alex Kipman (PM), Rajeev Goel (SDE), Dan Moseley (SDETest extraordinaire), and Chad Royal (GPM) recently opened one their feature team triage meetings to a Channel 9 video camera. When you…


Team Foundation vs. SourceSafe | Cloaking

Klingons and Romulans everywhere will bristle with pride when they learn that cloaking has survived the conceptual port from Visual SourceSafe to Team Foundation. Cloaking is a vital feature in VSS as it speeds up expensive Get operations and conserves disk space on your client by not retrieving items that you deem outside the scope of your project. For Team Foundation users,…